Concrete is a great material for a driveway. A concrete driveway not only gives your vehicle a dry, flat place to park, it also enhances both the look and the value of the property.  It is very strong and durable, and will require very little maintenance.  The combined strength and longevity make concrete a relatively good value for large areas of paving. As a driveway surface, concrete is more expensive than gravel and asphalt, but it is considerably less expensive than a driveway made with brick, cobblestone, or concrete pavers.  And, best of all, it typically outlasts all of these.

Capital Concrete can install your driveway with an endless array of decorative patters such as coloured or stamped concrete, swirl finishes or broomed finishes.  Allow us to discuss design options that could allow for better sight of traffic, better drainage away from your home and can add that beautiful curb appeal.  

Patios and Walkways

With exceptional vision and extensive experience we are here to help you with your next patio and/or walkway project.  By working personally with a team member from Capital Concrete Finishing, you are able to custom design exactly what you have envisioned for your individual project.  To ensure that our custom work and designs are unique and meet all of your expectations, we use plastic forms. Use of these forms for creating your design means that your finished project will be a true reflection of your ideas and taste.  We offer an extensive variety of modern custom concrete finishes which will accent your patio or walkway precisely. These finishes include a simple and sleek broom finish, a more complex stamped concrete, a unique swirl finish, a natural looking exposed concrete finish or coloured concrete that will reflect your vision perfectly. 

Pool Decks

Pool decks play such a huge role in enjoying the summer months, so it is important to make them creative, appealing and safe to be around.  Concrete pool decks help to make pool cleaning and maintenance easy and hassle free.  You never have to worry about water laying on your concrete pool deck because concrete pool decks are made to last and will not rot like a wooden pool decks.  Allow Capital Concrete to sit down with you and design a decorative concrete pool deck, creating an inviting and entertaining space surrounding your pool area. 


Concrete slabs are the most common structural element of your exterior buildings. Capital Concrete specializes in all areas to ensure your exterior buildings foundation is completed above and beyond building codes. Capital Concrete will look after everything from removal of excising sub-soil, gravel preparation, forming, setting re-enforcing steel, pouring and finishing of the concrete. 


Concrete floors can be found in many different areas of your home or out buildings. Most common is basement floors and garage floors. Capital Concrete specializes in both these. Basement floors can be finished in various ways; Coloured concrete, acid stained concrete, Stamped concrete, or just your normal smooth finish.  Garage floors can be finished with the very same options, but most common being a smooth finish. An additional feature of the garage floors is the use of surface hardener. Surface hardener is a product we work into the surface of the concrete while we are finishing the floor. This results in a high-density surface on the concrete floor. The purpose of floor hardener is to give your concrete floor a harder and stronger surface to prevent chipping from heavy or hot objects falling onto the floor.

Retaining Walls

Often times you cannot control the grade of your property.  Retaining walls cannot only provide necessary breaks in your land which can help control drainage and land washout issues but they can also provide options for landscaping your property.  Retaining walls can reflect your individual wants with many different options of finishes and designs. Allow Capital Concrete to come and evaluate your project and help choose the best option for you and your property. 

Frost Walls

Frost walls are foundation walls that are below the frost level.  It is vitally important that buildings are built with frost walls as they help prevent the soil around the building from freezing under high freezing temperatures.  Any damage to a building foundation will affect the entire stability of the structure.  At Capital Concrete we take great pride in assuring that your frost wall is prepped, formed and poured perfectly to eliminate any risk of building shifting. 

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