Repair and Restoration

Commercial concrete is used in many high traffic areas such as sidewalks, walkways, steps, ramps and pads.  As with any material, concrete does reach a breaking point (approx. 20-40 years).  Over the years, concrete can shift, crack or sink which can cause significant risk to anyone walking or driving on the damage concrete.  When caught early, it can often be a quick and easy fix.  Allow Capital Concrete to come and evaluate the situation and provide options for the safest fix.  With the removal and restoration of commercial concrete we can help keep high traffic areas safe and accessible for all.  

Walkways and Sidewalks

It is very important for commercial sites, such as businesses, to have a safe and easy access to and from their building.  Concrete walkways/sidewalks are strong, durable and provide a non-slip surface minimizing any safety concern, specifically, the risk of a slip and fall.  Concrete is resistant against erosion and deformation and with proper maintenance, property owners spend less on repair and re-installation costs.  Concrete walkways/sideways can also add an aesthetic appeal to you commercial building enhancing the overall look and attractiveness to both your customers and employees.  


Properly installed curbs are a vital part of our road systems as well as in parking lots and commercial areas.  Concrete curbs help separate the road from the roadside and discourage drivers from parking or driving on sidewalks and lawns. They also provide structural support to the pavement edge.  Concrete curbs can also help to enhance the overall landscape of a commercial building.  They can help create a beautiful finish and help to attract both employees and customers. 

Frost Walls

Frost walls are foundation walls that are below the frost level.  It is vitally important that buildings are built with frost walls as they help prevent the soil around the building from freezing under high freezing temperatures.  Any damage to a building foundation will affect the entire stability of the structure.  At Capital Concrete we take great pride in assuring that your frost wall is prepped, formed and poured perfectly to eliminate any risk of building shifting. 


Commercial concrete floors are typically poured with a more durable concrete to sustain the heavy usage they typically see.  Commercial floors are most commonly finished with a smooth finish, but can be finished however an owner chooses.  An additional feature of commercial floors is the use of surface hardener. Surface hardener is a product we work into the surface of the concrete while we are finishing the floor. This results in a high-density surface on the concrete floor. The purpose of floor hardener is to give your concrete floor a harder and stronger surface to prevent chipping from heavy or hot objects falling onto the floor. 

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